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On Grass, Robots and the Pursuit of Happiness

That time of year is upon us again. Grass loves nothing more than the sunny wet days of spring and this Easter has had no shortage of those. The past few weeks has seen our lawn shoot up and there was no point putting off the mowing any longer.

We’ve got a cheap and cheerful small mower (a Screwfix special) which we’ve had since moving to our house in the rural North Essex wilds. For the first year it shared mowing duties with a hand-me-down, but since the birth of our daughter Skye, mowing our lawn has been a solo job. We’ve got a relatively large garden with about 1/3rd of an acre of lawn which on my own it takes around 2 hours to mow; if I mow weekly it takes less time; if I make the mistake of leaving it 3 weeks, it takes more, sometimes a lot more.

I’m now 2 weeks (and 2 mows) into the 2016 season – the ground is still soggy (the mossy areas are almost swamp-like) and whilst I sometimes quite enjoy the hours of quiet contemplation lawn mowing offers, I now find myself wishing I could spend these hours maintaining other neglected parts of the garden or spending time enjoying it with Skye.

So – with my love of technology and automating things, I’ve decided to consider a robotic lawnmower. Continue reading ‘On Grass, Robots and the Pursuit of Happiness’