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A Pretty Graph


Hearted Users (Subsample from early December). Generated by fdp (graphviz). 2877 nodes, 3803 edges. Click to enlarge.


Happy New Year! Here’s to a great 2009!

One of my resolutions the past few years has been to try to do something news-worthy (though nothing notorious) during the year. 2008 was a bit of a bumper year with PS3iPlayer, O:SC and Sackbook getting mentioned by purveyors of fine tech and gaming news, so this year I’m going to cheat a little and reserve Sackbook (Strikes Back) to 2009.

For those waiting for an update on what’s happening with Sackbook; I’m afraid I can’t give any firm timescales as to when the site will be up and running – things move slowly at this time of year (everyone is too full of good nosh). However I have been using my time between scoffing turkey sandwiches and mince pies productively to get some funky new features on the site. Here’s a sneak peak of a couple:

Sackbook and Corrupt Images

I’ve had a few people tell me that some of their pictures aren’t showing up on Sackbook. After considerable hair-pulling I’ve worked out what’s going on and I think I’ve fixed it (slightly more technical detail after the jump!)

However there’s a slight problem; there’s now a few corrupt converted images out there which have either a black strip along the bottom, or a strip filled with funny colours. If you spot any of these on the site, please send me a message or leave a comment here with the address of the level or profile in question and I’ll get the site to reconvert them.

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Busy Times

PS3 Firmware 2.53 finally hit last night, bringing full-screen flash and RTMP support (and possibly other unknown treats), the BBC switched on the redirection to point the PS3 to the iPlayer’s BigScreen interface (which works well) and I soft-launched my latest PS3-related project, a social-networking site for LittleBigPlanet with a difference; it integrates somewhat with live data from the game. It is “beta” at the moment (what web-based projects aren’t these days?) but you can check it out at

For those wondering, despite the BBC officially supporting the PS3, will not be vanishing. For those who prefer its interface to the BBC’s offering, I’ll try to keep it well-maintained. Speaking of which, tonight I’ll add support for 2.53’s full-screen support and see if it helps with the H.264 problems we’ve been having.