Edinburgh International Film Festival

Time for another off-topic blog post! :) This time on the 63rd annual Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF).

I’m not sure if it’s my taste in films, the excellent work of the festival staff, or a general trend in filmmaking, but this year’s line up at the festival seems pretty spectacular. There’s been a few films every day so far that I’ve been keen to see, where during previous years, I’d be lucky to find a handful over the whole festival. I think the success may be down to all these, but also that the festival is now reaping the rewards of moving from August to June. 2008 was the first June festival, and it felt a little subdued; I think film makers, delegates and the public didn’t know what to expect.

Thankfully it didn’t take us long to get used to the change, and with June being a quiet time in the Film Festival calendar yet also near the start of the summer blockbuster season, there seems to be a lot of films vying for attention. There still isn’t quite the buzz that’s associated with the main Edinburgh Festival season in August, but the line up of films (and the simplified logistics of getting around the city) makes up for it.

One unfortunate problem of not expecting such a plethora of great movies, is that I didn’t book many tickets in advance and a lot of screenings have sold out. I’m thinking that next year, if the line up is of this year’s quality, I’ll take a week off work, get a delgate pass and really get to see everything I want (and more!)

What I’ve seen, going to see, or would love to see this year, includes: Away We Go, Sin Nombre, Black Dynamite, Adventureland, Salvage, The Hurt Locker, Romeo & Juliet vs The Living Dead, Moon, Exam, Wide Open Spaces, Big River Man, Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Guilty Pleasure!), Sam Mendes: In Person, Joe Dante: In Person, Darren Aronofsky: In Person, Wittertainment (Ok, not a film, but still jolly good fun!)

Hopefully some of those that I’ve not been able to get tickets for (especially Moon) will be chosen for the Best of the Fest screenings on the final Sunday of the festival (they are doing that this year?) Speaking of Moon, follow @ManMadeMoon on Twitter; the director of Moon and an amusing chap (in the nicest possible meaning of the word!) Also worth following are the Twitterverse’s movie reviewers at EIFF: @crappertay, @Filmstalker, @FilmFan1971, @itsonitsgone and @2weddings (If I’ve missed anyone, drop me a message and I’ll add you). Also, keep an eye on the tags #EIFF and #edfilmfest.

Now, the question is do my contributions to buyacredit.com and coproducer.org let me buy a “industry” delegate pass next year, or if not, do any budding film makers out there want a promotional website built? 😉

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