Busy Times

PS3 Firmware 2.53 finally hit last night, bringing full-screen flash and RTMP support (and possibly other unknown treats), the BBC switched on the redirection to point the PS3 to the iPlayer’s BigScreen interface (which works well) and I soft-launched my latest PS3-related project, a social-networking site for LittleBigPlanet with a difference; it integrates somewhat with live data from the game. It is “beta” at the moment (what web-based projects aren’t these days?) but you can check it out at www.sackbook.com

For those wondering, despite the BBC officially supporting the PS3, PS3iPlayer.com will not be vanishing. For those who prefer its interface to the BBC’s offering, I’ll try to keep it well-maintained. Speaking of which, tonight I’ll add support for 2.53’s full-screen support and see if it helps with the H.264 problems we’ve been having.

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    • I excitedly went to the iPlayer site this morning after the update
      but it failed to play anything (giving an “Unknown Error” in the PS3
      browser). YouTube also failed to display video (although audio
      worked) although if I switched to the “High Quality” mode it worked
      again. I suspect there may be a missing codec somewhere. I hope Sony
      actually tested on YouTube/iPlayer before they released.

    • Would be great to see those H.264 high quality streams. The standand ones look pretty crappy on my 42in Plasma…

    • Great work on Sackbook. Can’t wait to get home so I can post the comment and have a proper look at it.

    • @Chimpanzee,

      Thanks – I don’t expect it to be around for long; unfortunately SCEE will likely block access to it. I also expect/hope that they’ll do something similar themselves, as it’s a great way to show those who don’t yet have the game what can be done with it and also highlight the size and talent of the community.

      Anyway, until then, at least it’s another “look what could be done” (plus it’s always good fun creating sites like this.)

    • I’m VERY interested in some hints about how you’re pulling this data at sackbook. Do you think you could send me an email or a sample script?


    • They’d be fools to shut it down. This sort of thing is EXACTLY what LBP needs. Looking at the comments on your level it looks as if people from SCE are taking an interest. “Sam_Protagonist” for example. I know he works for SCEA.

      One problem though: I can’t get in. :( I registered and entered the code as a comment on your level but it says “unknown sackboy” when I try to log in. This was about half an hour ago.

      Sorry to post this here but I can’t see a way of contacting you through SB.

    • Chris, can you send me an example of how you gained access to the server? I guess you use cURL? I’ve sniffed out the URL to the XML feeds but i can’t get in :(.

    • It’s nice – I’d love to know how you’re getting the live data! I just wonder what’s to keep people from signing up under other people’s PSN ID – I only see a prompt for a password after a user ID is selected that no one’s signed up on before…

      Also maybe change the name of “Cool Levels” to just “Levels” and have an *actual* space for *actual* cool levels that are good… It’s disheartening to see a level like “Ramp” (which is broken) get so many plays and hearts purely based on FIRST! momentum…

    • Hi Boo,

      The step after it prompts for a new password asks you to post a unique code in the comments of the Sackbook level under the same PSN ID as you’re claiming. If you’re not who you say you are you won’t be able to login to PSN to do this and your Sackbook account will never be created.

      Nice idea about renaming ‘Cool levels’ to just ‘levels’. I’ve got a few ideas about how to let the really good ones float to the top so will probably rename the section at that point.


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